Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday not Funday

Have you ever had one of those days when your brain completely shuts down and nothing but an endless tunnel of darkness stretching over the horizon of moronic thoughts takes over? Well, if you understood any of what I just said, your one step ahead of me. That is how my day has started out. Like I've just gotten back from having a root canal and the Novacaine has worn off, and your not drooling like a dog, but your head is still in that fuzzy state. You can't write a decent sentence or remember what words to use, and the simple spelling of everyday words has completely escaped your thought process. That is my day! So I thought if I wrote this down and went back later to read it I would realize how complete ridiculous I sound and my brain would kick into gear and my muse would fire up her engine and help me get my shit together. Or I could bang my head on my desk, and get my brain cells moving with a huge caffeinated drink. I think I'll go with the drink.

Here's to a better Sunday afternoon...Oh football is on maybe I'll get inspired by hot hunky sweaty men...

Embry ;)

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