Thursday, January 28, 2016

Volcanic Love

So I have a new story out that involves a college professor, an in the closet Country music star and a really old-ass dormant volcano.....Sound interesting? If you like fun characters, cheesy lines and a real honest to goodness love story set against a scary volcanic eruption...check out my new book....Storming Love Volcanic Eruption: Simon and Bryce......please

Hope you enjoy <3

Love Embry

Happy Reading

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Reading by the Fire

**Taps mic**

Hello anyone out there?! **taps again** Is this thing on? Oh wait I just need to blow some of the dust off....(blowing on to the pages of blog)

Ah there we go....

Wow I have been a REALLY bad girl. My blog is as deep in dust as Washington DC is in snow....
ba dum bump ;)

Speaking of snow...I thought since most of my friends on the east coast are probably stuck at home, maybe by a roaring fire, hopefully reading it might be fun to post some of my favorite "bad" weather day books.

So here we go and in no particular order...

Charlie Cochet --ALL the THIRDS books!!!
                             North Pole stories

Rhys Ford--Cole McGinnis series
                    Sinners Series
                    Fish Stick Friday
                    Hellsinger Books 1 and 2


L.C. Chase--Unfortunate Blizzard (appropriate right now)

Ethan Stone -- Flesh series

There are countless others but these books are sure to keep you warm on a very wintry day...

Happy Reading
Stay Warm..

love and good mm books to you all

Embry :)