Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hop Against Homophobia an Transphobia

First of all welcome to my blog J

I am so honored to be asked to not only participate but to play a role in this wonderful Cause with some amazing women. Thanks Erica Pike, K-Lee Klein, Cherie Noel and N.J. Nielsen for including me this year.

Being a middle-aged straight woman from the South one might wonder why this is so important me. After all it doesn’t have anything to do with me in my everyday life. Right? 

I unfortunately hear this from quite a few of my family, friends and co-workers. Along with the major question of why I write m/m romance. My response has always been why not? The gay community are no different than the heterosexual community.

“But..wait, yes they are, they aren’t normal like we are.” They reply.

Oh how I want to slap the ignorance right out of them. But I calmly shake my head and proceed to tell them how I feel about their opinion.

First of all they are not a sub-species of human. They do not come from another planet. They aren’t led by some terrorist organization. And they most definitely don’t have their own agenda.

But wait! I stand corrected. They do have an agenda just like we all do. They want to grow up without fear, maybe go to college, work in a nice job where they are respected for their hard work, meet the love of their life, settle down and get married. Some want children some don’t.

WOW just like the rest of us, imagine that! They want the same rights as the rest of the world. To be themselves. Nothing nefarious about that in my eyes.

“But the Bible says….” they continue.

Yeah, yeah we’ve all heard that one a million times. 

My go to standard answer…

“Maybe your Bible does, but mine said God loves us all no matter who we love.”

I could go on for days the things I am cornered with, just like the rest of you. I just smile and say “you have no idea the love and friendships I have made through the gay community.” And I walk away and smile because that's how I roll.

Maybe one day they will open their eyes and realize that no matter who you are as a human….You are still a human with the same rights as everyone else. 

Please take care of one another, laugh always, love harder, live longer and thank you for supporting this wonderful day!!!!

Hugs and Kisses,

Embry Carlysle

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