Thursday, January 5, 2012

S.P.A.M. Inc.

Today is my turn to introduce one of my characters in the S.P.A.M. Inc, series. We will be posting every Thursday with new and updated information.

                                           Introducing - Jake Silver

Series Title: S.P.A.M. Inc.

Book # 2

Book Title: Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Book # 2

Name: Jake Silver

Age: 35

Species: Gypsy

Realm: Silver Hollow

Hair Colour/Type/Length: black, thick, nearly waist length

Eye Colour/Shape: Silver/almond

Skin colour Type: Dusky Mediterranean

Scars/Blemishes: Small scar at the corner of his left eye…wrong side of a pissed off female shape shifter

Height: 6’5 225 lbs

Clothing preferred: Black leather and dark black jeans, tight t-shirts showing off his massive frame

Mannerisms: Smart, laid back, ever watchful, fiercely protective of loved ones

Occupation: Owns Jake’s Bar in Silvers Hollow, a township owned by the silver family a band of Gypsy’s that settled in the air realm centuries ago.  As leader of the Gypsy’s it is his sworn duty to act as warden to people who are being brought up to C.O.P.E. to face justice for their crimes.

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  1. He sure is a hottie, hope you have fun writing his story.