Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympics 2012

I love watching the Olympics, love watching the excited faces on the kids walking into the stadium smiling at the crowds. Its like nothing and no one can get them down. They have a chance to show the world how amazing they are. But it's the countries no one's heard of with maybe 3 or 4 athletes that I am most inspired by. No matter what they will compete for their country and make them proud.

The first Olympics I remember is Munich 1972 and watching Mark Spitz win so many gold medals. I also remember the tragedy too but don't want to go there. I definitely won't divulge my age at the time then I really will feel old. I have watched every one since then, have watched the countries with their oh so serious athletes who looked like smiling might break their faces. Have seen the Americans dominate just like the Russians and Germans. But what I really think I love the most is the Olympics now and how all the countries come together and cheer each other on. We even know the gay athletes who are out and proud. Talk about inspiration. And the kids with their cell phones out last night sending Insta-gram pics back to their homes. Tweeting what they were feeling to the entire world. And smiling....they all are smiling...How awesome is that?

This is what we need right now. People leaving their problems behind and coming together as one to cheer on the athletes they love. We could learn a lot from them.....

Go team U.S.A. and all the underdogs!!!!


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