Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why Paranormal?


I often ask myself, why write paranomal, when mystery or contemporary or even horror would be easier?  Then you could just take some of the real world and write a story from it. Take acquaintances or even strangers and make them characters or facisimilies of them. Yes, I tell myself, it would most definitely be easier, but where would the fun for me be? Now I'm certainly not knocking contemporary/mystery/thriller or horror stories. I've read some amazing books in these genres for years, idolize the authors. But this is my question for myself and myself wants para, and nothing but para. There is something so exciting about creating new worlds, unique characters and otherworldly story lines. It's like having free reign to explore the wildest part of your imagination. For me this is everything. Who knows where that will take me.....Can't wait to find out...That's why I can't wait to share the stories NJ Nielsen and yours truly have been working on a new series aptly named S.P.A.M. Inc. which stands for Suspicious Paranormal Activity Monitoring Inc. Formerly known as the The Realms of the Great Beyond. Stayed Tuned it's gonna be fun ride.

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  1. I love my Paranormal as well, so I am fully with you there and I love the fact that we are having this chance to create it our way. the realms of our world are to me slightly left of centre on every other paranormal book I have read and it keeps it interesting for me.