Friday, December 30, 2011


I've been sitting in front of my laptop for the last several minutes reflecting on the year 2011. Wondering would I miss it like some years in my past. Would I have moments that I cherish and keep in my heart always, or would I have a few of those OMG-did-I-really-do-that? moments I just as soon forget. Though to be honest I haven't really had one of those moments since the 80's...I think...the 80's are a decade I will always look back on with bittersweet but cherished memories...the 90's the birth of my kids- that NOTING can compare too....the years of 2000-2010 had been interesting, heart-breaking, exciting and depressing... so that brings me back to 2011...Will I look back fondly at this year, Hell yeah I will because it brought me to this place, on the precipice of fulfilling a life long dream, it brought me new friends I am blessed with the good fortune of meeting online.  So as I sit here eating an entire bag of Reese's peanut butter cups (giving up sweets-NY resolution) I look to the future and 2012....I can't wait to get started, something tells me this is gonna be my year!!!  Hope it is for all of you too!!

Best wishes



  1. January One is the first day of the rest of your life. if you dream it you can make it a reality.

    I Believe in You!!!

  2. Thank You!!! Your one of the online friends Ive been blessed to have in my life :D