Thursday, December 27, 2012

Welcome 2013

Well I kinda thought I wouldn't need to post any more Will and Aleron stories as we all weren't supposed to be here....Damn Mayans and their mediocre

Actually I'm really glad we are all still here as I have so many stories I want to submit in the new year and the end of the world would have totally sucked!!!

So look for more Will and Al and hopefully some new boys will get their story out there for all to see.......Norma Nielsen says this is gonna be our year.....sounds good to me!!!!

Happy 2013 Everyone

P.S. My youngest daughter asked me to post a video of her fave band......
so here it is.....(these boys are pretty cute and have my over active imagination writing stories about them)
Shhh don't tell my kid she would freak as she wants them all for herself ;)

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  1. I can safely say you can keep One Direction... glad to see you blogged... 2013 is our year and I am bribing people to get onto you about blogging more often - LOL - No seriously I am...