Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I survived GRL and I liked it

Wow what a week it was.....I had no idea how much fun I was going to have, yes I was excited to be going, planned it for a whole year, and still was wasn't a hundred percent sure how it was going to be..........

It was amazing, absolutely amazing...........From the Hard Rock Hotel to it's friendly and helpful staff to the wonderful authors and publishers and the amazing GRL crew who worked their fannies off to make it what it was I thank you all from the bottom of my heart....

There is no way I could possibly name all the fabulous people I had the honor of meeting as it would take way too many brain cells to remember them all.......

I truly felt like I was among people who totally get each other...

We could talk about books and shows and porn stars and not have to say the word gay as if it were taboo....We could all laugh and crack totally inappropriate jokes and know the people around us could just get up and leave or join in with us....

I have never laughed so hard in my life....and I loved that the couples there could be totally open and affectionate with each other and never have to worry about homophobic assholes passing judgement......

To all of you authors I met and admire, thank you for making this a trip I will find a way to do every year!!!!!

To my new and old (but havent met in person until then) friends: NJ and Emily her daughter, Cherie, William, Kelly, Simone, Amy, Taylor, LC, Anne, MJ, Carrie Anne, Z, K-Lee, Erica Pike and Erica not-Pike heehee, Linda and Helen from Mississippi I will cherish every moment with you all!!!

This was such an amazing time and hopefully next year I wont act like such a fan-girl.............oh who am I kidding of course I will..........Jet Mykles may be hiding from me but that's okay it was so worth meeting her!!!

If you didn't get a chance to attend this year start saving your money, it will so be worth it!!!

Here's to Atlanta 2013



  1. You were right we had a ball- I loved every minute of being there with everyone and if I can arrange it I will be at the next one... So many wonderful people and we all had our fan girl moments - did you see me hugging Ethan-Fricken-Day... I was so excited I nearly peed myself. I just blogged some pic's that I borrowed from facebook.

  2. hehe I blogged.. um borrowed, photos too. :) It was so great meeting everyone. super exciting!