Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's a Sign

So I have been working on several stories this summer...

The first one I have been playing around with for years, the second is the sequel to my Love is Always Right story and the third is for a submission call. So I'm working my not so little tushy off on the third story but something just doesn't feel right. For some reason I keep thinking back to my story, the one I've been working on and off of for years. 

But I ignore it and put my nose to the grind stone, because I am determined to finish the submission story come hell or high water and then yesterday the unthinkable happens.

I hit the backspace button to erase a line I didn't like and the whole document just disappears!!! :o my panic I push the (don't save the changes) question and I lost the entire thing......Of course I haven't saved it anywhere else, because I'm stupid that way.................or am I?

While I stare at the laptop as if I can will the story to magically appear I start thinking about the story I'll never finish and like the proverbial light bulb my mind races with the possibilities that everything really does happen for a reason....

So I put my big girl panties (figuratively not literally) cuz ewwww......
I realize that Karma and Destiny are in my corner and literally screaming at me to finish that particular story........Oh and to never forget to save it to several places.......

Lesson 101 of writing!!

So here's to finishing this story and my sequel and may I never be so absent-minded again.......

Hey a girl can dream cant she??? We shall certainly see ;)




  1. Replies
    1. thanks Pat I will double-double save my work lol

  2. It could only happen to you, babe. I glad someone is less computer Savvy than I am. I lost my external Hard drive if that helps. Steve and Em swear they never touched it. It went missing when I had the flu... (truthfully knowing me I put it somewhere safe and can't remember where that safe place is - it has happened before.)