Saturday, November 5, 2011

NaNo eek

Well I joined NaNo last week and up to now it has been slow moving..but I find myself with very little (for a change) to do this weekend so I am dedicating the next 48 hours to my writing...a first for me...I'm actually pretty excited about it as my Muse left without a forwarding address a few weeks ago and came back just last night....finally...the stubborn old bitch...the night she left, .she had the audacity to tell me that having three WIP's was completely unacceptable to her...that I need to focus on one couple at a time....I told her to take a hike...which she did...but now blessedly she is back and for now I will keep my mouth shut and do as she which couple should I concentrate on hmmm....."ouch" ok she just hit me on the back of the head...time to get busy...have a lovely weekend everyone ;)


  1. LMAO... I can always lend you Vlad if you need him he may always be drunk but that boy is sex on a stick... but he is good at cracking the whip... though mind you he is sulking as I haven't written anything in three days.

  2. then we can put our two muses in a room together mines my guardian angel btw and see who comes out the victor......and it will give them something to do so they give us time to get our shit together...heehee

  3. Mine is a 21yo Gay Gothic Russian with a love of pretty boys... LOL