Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love is Always Write

Well friends looks like I threw my hat into the ring over at Goodreads. I have taken the picture of two Lions and the prompt from a lovely lady name Cheri. I am super excited about doing this as I didn't get a chance to with their last event. So wish me luck and stayed tuned, and no worries I will still post my next installment for Will. After all I did leave you with a huge question...
Just who is Will's father?....hmmmmm

((hugs)) to you all....



  1. Fabulous! I loved that pic. You'll do awesome. :)


  2. I am here for ya Good luck so cannot wait to see your story.


  3. you all are so nice....thanks for the support....cant wait to finish the story :) hope everyone likes it

  4. stop Chatting and get writing - LOL. It will be great I can already tell and I have only heard the basis of your idea... Knock `em dead babe.

  5. Hey there Embry! (It's Cheri) I just found your blog link on Matt & Brad's blog.

    I'm so excited you liked my prompt, I can't wait to read it and I'm sure it will be awesome!! :)

    1. It's gonna be good - she showed me just an inkling of what she is doing and I was gobsmacked. Fricken awesome stuff.

    2. Hey Cheri

      Im thrilled that you stopped by here, hope I do your story prompt justice...I think you will like where I'm taking it :)